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Buckle your swash and set sail with Robinson, Captain Seasalt and Nutty Nick into a world of adventure and hilarity. You’ll meet a host of colourful characters along the way, together with a band of marauding pirates led by Cut-Throat, assisted by Cross-Bones and Skull-Duggery. Opening in Brazil, follow their adventures as they seek a fortune with the aid of Man Friday. Marvel at vibrant scenery, costumes and music, not to mention the delicious Señorita Margarita Juicilita, ending in a colourful Mardi Gras Finale!

Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates  by Alan P Frayn

Previous Productions

January 2014

Robinson Crusoe - Jennifer Wright     Margarita Juicilita - Anne Woolnough     Nutty Nick - Mike Buckley     Captain Seasalt - Ken Woolnough     Juanita - Audrey Webb     Cut-Throat - Steve Wright     Cross-Bones - Alexandra Webb     Friday - Michael Webb     Spirit of the Seas - Moya Kelly     Davy Jones - Lisa Barker     Hocus Pocus - Gill Waugh     Mumbo Jumbo - Betty Storey     Chorus - Maria Cordwell    Colin Daly    John Luckett